Lockdown Journal Day 1

Day 1

I have been trying to socialise with my friends by Face timing and texting. I have also been trying to keep fit in fun ways like riding my bike. I also need to be entertained so I have been watching many movies and tv shows and I have been drawing and painting but I have also been playing a little bit of video games and so far my first day of school is going alright.

My school day

Every school day at Wilderness apart from Friday starts with form which we just catch up with work and do Edclub which is a typing practice game.

Recess starts at 10:30 am and ends at 10:50 pm.

Lunch starts at 1:05 am and ends at 1:55 pm.

School starts at 8:30 am and ends at 3:15 pm.

Lunch times we can go to library, play on the play equipment or we can go to the tuck shop where we can get treats or some hot food lunch like pasta.

Our specialist lessons are Art, Chinese, French, Music, Drama, Production, P.E and Library

Top 10 places i want to go

1. Bora Bora because the water is very clear and pretty.             Book Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts (Bora Bora Island) - 2019 PRICES FROM  A$903!

2.Bali because all the nice locals.          Book Viceroy Bali (Indonesia) - 2019 PRICES FROM A$641!

3. Thailand because of the waterparks.          The Best Water Parks in Thailand - Trazy Blog

4.Noosa because the ice-cream.        Noosa Sunshine Coast

5.Kangaroo island because the animals.    Kangaroo Island, Australia's answer to the Galapágos

6.Great barrier reef because the pretty fish and coral.      Some relief for Great Barrier Reef | Science | AAAS

7.Greece for nice beaches and caves.          Best Places In Greece To Explore Virtually | Celebrity Cruises

8.Maldives because the huts and beaches.      Maldives Resorts| W Maldives

9. London because the Big Ben.        London: A History - HISTORY

10.Paris because the Eiffel tower.    23 Places in Paris Every Architect Must Visit | ArchDaily

Writing challenge

I was standing in the cold windy forest in the the deep snow with my puffer jacket raped around me tight.So as I was slowly huddling along a huge sweep of wind swept me of my feet, just as i was opening my eyes and i saw a small lake with a nice cozy cottage on the other side. “I don’t think I saw that before?” I thought.However I decided that I’d knock on that cottage to see if anyones home.When I was wading through the river I could feel the screeching mud underneath my sneakers. Until I stepped into something that got my foot stuck…to be continued.